Giovani Dimension workshops at Funcity+ 2018

FunCity+ 2018 представя: Giovani Dimension workshops


DIMENSION! Един от най-добрите холандски хип-хоп танцьори ни идва на гости във Варна/България за първи път, благодарение на Funcity+.

Той е препоръчван лектор по фрийстайл хип-хоп танци и освен че ще предаде знанията си на тазгодишния младежки фестивал Funcity+, ще бъде и жури на танцовите битки – Bring That Beat Back All Style Dance Battles на 11-ти август.

Ето и малко повече информация за него:
Giovani “Dimension” Vreede is one of the best Dutch HipHop dancers and the most recommended teacher of freestyle HipHop. His so called Dimension Methods has proven growth at the educational platforms where he teaches. He is very driven and motivated about knowledge of his craft and the HipHop culture. He is internationally well known as a individual Artist and personality. As an Founder, entrepreneur and creative producer he organizes event The Kulture of Hype&Hope to embrace growth of the HipHop Culture in The Netherlands. The event is a unique concept in the HipHop (battle) culture. By the diversity in the program the dancers are able to grow trough: lectures, battle competition, cyphers and Kulture Ranking. He organizes five events a year so it provides dancers to look forward to grow. You can describe his personality as: driven, kind, positive minded, passionate and a person who aims for his goals in life.

За повече информация, посетете събитието във фейсбук.

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