Functional and self-defense training

One of the most interesting and especially useful events in the FUNCITY+ programme is the
self-defense and functionality training conducted by Vasil and Kosta Tepedellevi.

Functional workout is a collection of different power, cardio and stretching exercises that
affect and tone up the whole body.

Suitable for people of all ages, for all levels of training, they are useful for correcting weight, mobility, coordination, gaining strength, relief, endurance, and so on.

The training ends with 15 minutes of basic self-defense techniques, including easy ways to
escape trouble and prevention of potentially dangerous situations on the street.

Karate Club "Budoshin" will do a karate training. Vassil Tepedelenev (3 dan) and Kosta
Tepedelinev (2 dan) will demonstrate different combat strikes and protective techniques,
working with partners, weapons, and so on.

Anyone wishing to try out this martial art can join
the training.

There are no age restrictions!

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