Representatives of European Commission in Bulgaria

The representation of the European Commission in Bulgaria at the FUNCITY + Youth
Festival will introduce visitors to the European Union, with the rights and opportunities that
come from the Bulgarian membership in it.

A special focus will be the issue of youth unemployment and how to deal with it, such as the
many opportunities for internships, exchanges and volunteering programs, as well as two
major topics – entrepreneurship and funding instruments.

The friendly E.C. team will be available every day from 16:00 to 21:00 in order to answer all
your questions related to the European Union and to tell you about the intriguing but not very
well-known opportunities offered by its membership!

This is the local service of the European Commission in Bulgaria.

Its main roles are:

  • to inform about the impact of the European Union’s policies on Bulgarian citizens and their way of life;
  • to provide information related to the European Union to national and local institutions, but
    also to any interested person;
  • to inform the Commission in Brussels of important political, economic and social changes that occur in the country.

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